Funky afternoon teas and more

As I have said before, a number of times, I enjoy the good life and certainly don’t apologise for living life both to the full and in style (whenever I can find the time and money that is). (more…)

More Of Those Wonderful Women – Entrepreneurs in the UK!

Since my last posts, friends have asked me to write a little more about some of the fascinating and successful female entrepreneurs we have in the UK.

I strongly suspect because at least some are wondering if they can model themselves after them – I am not sure. Of course my friends, like many other people, are considering whether they would better off self-employed. (more…)

Wonderful Role Models

It is necessary, I feel (whichever career path you wish to follow) to have role models; to learn from, to follow, to mould yourself on, for a number of reasons. I have been putting more time lately into research, not only in regard to my direct business interests but the subject of role models. (more…)

Are You Currently a Member of Over-thinkers Anonymous?

Have you been accused of being an ‘Over-thinker’? Or are you, like me, simply referred to by the more familiar name, of Procrastinator?

The reality is that people who overthink things are procrastinators – some of us being much worse than others though. (more…)

Is Honesty Truly the Best Policy?

To be Honest – sometimes ‘Yes’ sometimes ‘No’ – that’s my view!

Here is a good and straightforward question to ask yourself when wondering whether “Honesty Is The Best Policy”. (more…)

Atrocious Manners

I really don’t care that some people may be upset to read my remark. Unfortunately, I am convinced that my statement that many people have atrocious manners it is true. Most people don’t have good manners at all! No one is perfect but some of us display truly appalling manners and lack of consideration for others. (more…)