It’s Hard to Believe

I keep up with pretty much all of the latest Techno stuff, whether it be new style Smart phones, iPhones, laptops, Surface Pros, or Amazon’s large variety of E-readers — etc etc.

Certainly don’t know everything, by a long shot, but I make an effort to keep an eye on new products coming out especially those that may assist me in my business career.

Such an amazing variety and breadth of different tools – some more helpful than others of course. It is hard to believe some of the things now available to the public, both for personal and business use.

Take the new Kindle Oasis E-readers for example – not only durable but having a number of advantages. Take note thought it is the most expensive by far one yet. It is a radical redesign of the top-selling e-readers with a base price of $449 (includes a Wi-Fi connection and no lock-screen ads).

Now that is about five times the price of a standard Kindle. So what do you get for all that extra cash? Worthwhile to check out if you are a keen and prolific reader (as I am) who doesn’t like to carry a heap of books with you when you travel.

Now when it comes to Smartphones you really need to check out the Huawei P9 – which is said to be the equivalent of a double-barrelled shotgun (photos instead of bullets are shot though).

Chinese smartphone makers are now really turning up the heat on both Apple and Samsung, with this latest iPhone killer, Huawei’s P9.

It has two 12-mexapixel cameras. Why two? One shoots colour and the other black & white images, with software combing the two into a single image – fascinating (well it was to me).

The P9 has a great unibody and a grippy finish and has a larger (than the iPhone 6) display (5.2inch against 4.7inch). Will not go on and on about the great things on this phone, enough to say its well worth anyone checking it out!

Free Tool for making Smartphone Apps — from none other than Microsoft! Okay so building your own apps takes not only need know-how but resources. Microsoft is now making it easier for any who is into doing that (not me, by a long shot) thanks to a free tool called Xamarin.

Microsoft says the free tool helps developers build apps for both smartphones and tablets and does so in three different ecospheres too.

Now I will not pretend to understand much more than the basics here (flat out doing that too I do not mind admitting) but several of my friends are into designing and implementing their own apps and are thrilled at this news – you may be too?

Staying Connected

Staying connected with friends and family isn’t always easy, especially when you relocate because of your job, career or for love!

Moving to a different State or even a new Country can be a strain all round. But then again you should never just let important things slide either. And staying connected with good friends and/or family is very important. Also there may come a time when you need them too!

Okay so staying bonded with close friends and family isn’t easy at times, as a matter of fact, it can be very difficult. Personally speaking I have found that being far apart does not necessarily mean you cannot remain close. But it does mean we have to take a different approach, take a little trouble, plan a little and that magic word – PRIORITSE!

I have found the following few points a help – may seem more than apparent to you but then again, sometimes it is all too easy to miss the obvious isn’t it?

Phone Calls

All too obvious maybe, no trouble picking up the phone and making that call? Not necessarily so, when you add up all the other things that take up time; job, family, new friends, shopping, errands, etc etc. How on earth do we fit in a ½ hour or so to sit and chat with old pals?

You need to be prepared to plan a little, to invest the time and effort into keeping up that link with past friends. The spotlight we place on keeping up with close friends and family will always pay personal dividends. And we don’t feel that horrible guilt either.

Chat over Email

Emailing is great and can be made real fun. You can email photos, ideas, recipes etc. One of the best factors to take into account when emailing is that you can do them at your leisure and they get to read them when it’s convenient to them too. I often do mine when I wake up in the middle of the night or even when travelling.

Social Media

For me for family and friends this one is a Big NO! I know, I know a lot of people say it’s a good and easy way to keep up to date. The key word being “easy”, while I feel translates all too quickly into “lazy”!  And while I enjoy, and appreciate, emails when family and friends contact me, I don’t take kindly to someone saying ‘Hello’ or ‘Happy Birthday’ via Facebook – too impersonal! It translates to me as someone saying you really aren’t worth more than spending a few scant minutes on.

Others will think I am wrong but if someone means something to you, if they are not just an acquaintance, give them the time they deserve rather than just a minute or two of your time!

The link you and they have is precious

Playing The Blame Game!

The Blame Game has it’s ‘in-between’ areas and then there are the extreme ends of the scale, where (a) people ‘’DO’ (seriously get into the play) or (b) ‘DO NOT’ play the blame game (at all).

With regard to those that fall into group (a) these are the people who always blame someone else for everything, and I mean everything. As far as (b) group is concerned, well these people always, always, blame themselves for everything, yes every little thing (even when it is not their fault, not under their control at all!!

Which group is the worst? As always with extremes – they are both wrong in a way.

The question is where on that scale do you come and where do I come?

A friend gave me a few fun questions to try myself out;

  1. On the way out your door, your dog escaped, you need to catch him and now you will get caught in traffic and subsequently will be late.
  2. While walking along your street you slip on some snow or leaves
  3. You left a pot on the stove a little long, and now dinner is burnt

How would you answer these questions? I will give you my honest answers, just off the top of my head without thinking too much about the responses.

  1. Marcus, my little dog was being sneaky and shot past me.
  2. Someone had left snow unshovelled and/or leaves on the footpath causing me to trip.
  3. The phone rang and kept me from watching the pot.

I didn’t take the blame for any of them, whereas if I was 100% honest, it should have been;

  1. I wasn’t looking for Marcus and I forgot he creeps up behind me – MY FAULT. It was under my control to see that this didn’t happen – I was in too much of a hurry.
  2. I wasn’t looking where I was going – MY FAULT. Also under my control if I had been just a little more observant. Then again it could also be partially the fault of the people responsible for clearing that area, so possibly not 100% my fault.
  3. I wasn’t really interested in the pot and easily distracted – MY FAULT. Another incident that was under my control – caused by carelessness.

Now none of the above are earth shatteringly important but blaming other people, or events, for our mistakes too easily can become a bad and destructive habit.

Now some people attribute traumatic or dramatic events to a higher power – maybe even thinking that they are being punished for misdemeanours and/or weaknesses, or that higher power is testing their faith. A variation of the blame game again.

So why do many of us play the blame game, often without us really comprehending what we are actually doing and when we are doing it. It is all too easy to fall into bad and possibly destructive habits. Most of us have done so at one stage or another.

Here are a few of the reasons why we actually play the blame game – can you recognise any of them that you have actually used recently?

  • Blame is a fabulous justification tool – however we label it, maybe call it denial possibly; blame can save our self-esteem, all we have to do is pretend we are not aware of any of our faults.
  • Blame is a device often used when we are going into attack and/or defence mode – maybe a fight with our partners, our colleagues. If we blame them we don’t need to admit any culpability.
  • It is much easier to blame someone else than take responsibility. Maybe by impugning someone else for spilling wine all over the carpet (of for dropping coffee all over the office floor) we can score ’double-time’! We get off scott-free ourselves while at the same time embarrassing someone else for the same crime!

I certainly can think of several (NO a number of occasions) when I have used them or some very similar. I have got away with it several times (and no doubt you have as well) but you don’t come out a winner.

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